BGMEA now head hunting for ‘Head of Accord/BGMEA coordinator’

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23 May 2019  

Screenshot of the job vacancy announcement at the website of

Screenshot of the job vacancy announcement at the website of

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters’ Association (BGMEA) is believed to be looking for a suitable candidate who will serve as “Head of Accord/BGMEA coordinator”.

The apex body of Bangladesh’s garments manufacturers and exporters has already floated a job vacancy to this effect. The position was declared open on May 15, and applications will be accepted via a third party until May 25, 2019.

This move to seek a “Head of Accord/BGMEA Coordinator” surfaces just days after Bangladesh’s Supreme Court allowed extension to Accord beyond February 2020 under an agreement inked between BGMEA and Accord, a European agency for factory remediation.

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According to, Bangladesh’s largest job site, the vacancy has been posted under title ‘Chief Technical Officer, Head of Accord/BGMEA Coordinator’.

A very abstract detail of job responsibilities are: “Building Safety, Structural/Fire/Electrical/Labor Compliance/Environmental Sustainability.” It does not clarify whether this person will be heading the BGMEA unit inside Accord’s office in Dhaka.

The full-time position is asking for a candidate with 10 years of experience with the educational requirement of Masters in Engineering, preferably from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

The salary range has not been mentioned and the job station has been stated in Dhaka. Additional requirements mentioned in the vacancy are:
•    Must be conversant with BNBC, NFPA and international codes for structural, fire & electrical standards for RMG buildings.
•    Must have extensive communication skills and experience on reporting and follow up.
•    Must be a team leader to run a big team/organization.
•    Must have experience with RMG industry and working experience with Accord/Alliance requirements.
•    Must be a proactive thinker and a leader on improving industry standards and regulations.
•    Overall a very prestigious job and an opportunity to get immense exposure in RMG and related government organization.

However, insiders have confirmed that since the Accord agreement was inked in May 8, there has been no physical progress into creating the BGMEA unit inside Accord’s headquarters which is likely to oversee Accord’s work.

AM Chowdhury Selim, a vice president of BGMEA, has told Bangladesh Apparel News: “The process of creating the unit is yet to start. We will try to implement the BGMEA unit as soon as possible and make it fully functional.”

The BGMEA official could not give a foresight as to when the BGMEA unit might come into existence.


Thanks to the international pressure, the Supreme Court has allowed Bangladesh Accord to continue operation for one more year and remediate the country’s apparel industries – putting an end to about six months of dillydallying over the agency’s extension.

The extension has been allowed for 281 working days, starting from May 8 – the date Accord and Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) inked a deal to operate jointly. According to calculation, the extension will be valid beyond February 2020.

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But, as Bangladesh Apparel News has it, the new terms and conditions state that Accord will not be the sole decision-making body in its work, rather it will coordinate with BGMEA in doing its work. This raise concerns as to whether Accord will remain independent.

Trade union leaders of Bangladesh has conformed of this concern and said that the new terms and conditions of the Accord deal might risk the safety of apparel industry workers.