Bangladesh’s Ad-Din Group brings new tech for embroidery solution

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8 January 2019  

A new HTM series embroidery machinery put on a garments tech show by Ad-Din Group.

A new HTM series embroidery machinery put on a garments tech show by Ad-Din Group.

A top importer of garment tech in Bangladesh, Ad-Din Group has brought a new series of garment machinery for the perfect embroidery solution package for Bangladesh’s apparel industry – one that promises to provide accurate patterns, require low maintenance and increase productivity compared to existing technology in the country.

In the latest batch, the group brought three HTM Double Twine Sequin Embroidery Machines in Bangladesh, offering flat embroidery, cording embroidery, and chenille embroidery – readily available on order and upon demand within bargain prices.

The three machines, completely automated, have been brought into Bangladesh in November. The flat embroidery machine was put on demonstration with 12 heads at BigTex’s Bangladesh Garments and Textiles Machinery exposition held from November 15-18.

“The new machines, in a wholistic perspective, is double the performance compared to the previous machines of P, W and G series we have,” Md Saidur Rahman, an electrical engineer of Ad-Din Group, says. “Put in simple terms, if the previous machines could do a task in one hour, these machines can do it within 30-35 minutes.”


The flat embroidery machine model HTM-915 has 15 or 20 heads (customizable to any point from 1 to 183), allowing nine needles per head (customizable from 3 to 15 colours). Equipped with Dahao computer and Sharp monitor, the model has a low noise technology and automatic oiling system with a work area customizable at 450x750 or 660x750 or 660x1000 specifications.

It is also equipped with an automatic trimming system, Koban rotary hooks and bobbin case from the same Japanese manufacturer. The machine, available in green or platinum colours has a memory capacity of remembering 10 million stiches. The machine comes with four anti-vibration devices.


Equipped with Dahao computer with USB and UTC, the model HTM-615 is equipped with Koban branded rotary hook and bobbin case. It comes with standard accessories and free spare parts – with a one-year warranty service from the importing company.

With thread lock system, the green, grey or platinum coloured machine also has self-equipped auto oiling system, low noise technology, and four anti-vibrating devices.
All the head jump motors and bearings are made in Japan, to ensure longevity in service and requiring the minimum service attendance.


In green, grey or platinum body colour, the model HTM-615+615 also comes equipped with Dahao computer with USB and UTC support. With Dahao servo motor, the model is equipped with rotary hook and bobbin case made from Japan’s Koban brand to ensure longevity.

This machine also comes with one-year warranty from importing company and standard accessories and free spare parts. It is also equipped with thread lock system, auto oiling system, low noise technology, and four anti-vibrating devices.


“The finishing and quality of the embroidery produced with these machines is something exceptional. The output quality is of international standard. The embroidery is suitable for both local and export quality of high-end apparel production,” said Engineer Saidur Rahman.

The new series of machines are expected to increase productivity, efficiency and quality of embroidery for the garment manufacturing of Bangladesh.

All the new machines weigh around 6 to 8 tonnes and come with 10 beams for support, hence providing stability to the machine and decreasing the amount of vibration it produces. For all the imported machines, Ad-Din Group will be offering one year free service warranty.


Established in 1995, the company has been trading garment machinery and accessories since its inception. Gradually, the company expanded its business and became a private limited company in 2007. Now, Ad-Din Group has 13 companies running under its name – dealing with apparel, accessories, machinery, agriculture and poultry.

It is currently a dealer for Brother, Kansai, and Zoje sewing machines in Bangladesh. It also has the local dealership for 17 reputed textile and garments machinery manufacturers like Hightech, Salico, Haina, Hongqima, Kiqi, Kaigu, Kaiyu, Linhai and others who are based in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, France, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and India.